Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Lake Nasser Ferry pulled into the quickly expanding town of Abu Simbel. Fifteen years ago there was nothing here but a car park and a bus stop, now there’s a small town of ten thousand people. We made our way to a comfortable hotel and the first shower in five days, followed by a 4am alarm to watch the sun rise on Abu Simbel, one of Egypt’s most incredible sights. Ramesses… Read More

After descending from the highlands of Ethiopia the temperature increased and we traveled through 200km of undulating farmland until reaching the Sudanese border. I was happily once again to be off the tourist trail, if only for a week or so. After a four hour border crossing we headed north into a flat green landscape of acacia savanna, reminiscent of further south in East Africa. The roads were more reminiscent of Burkina… Read More

After a night in a cheap hotel we headed north on a rainy, misty morning and began a spectacular climb through the mountains. Precipitous cliffs, fertile valleys, lush mountains and small villages made for a great mornings drive. We eventually reached the highlands where moors replaced forests and shepherds tended their sheep in rolling pastures that stretched to the horizon, dotted with stone houses, creating an amazing medieval scenery. It was one… Read More