Monthly Archives: September 2018

  Ethiopia is a comparatively large country by African standards and with a diverse range of habitats and cultures it’s easy to spend six to eight weeks here as there’s so much to see and do. We started in the southern town of Jinka which is near Mago National Park and close to the Omo […]

Uganda Parts 1-3 last year Last year I spent three weeks criss crossing Uganda and visiting several national parks. Even though it’s a small country I still have several places to visit and this year’s trip is mainly focused around re-visiting Bwindi to see the gorillas and then crossing the nearby border into Rwanda. We crossed the border from Kenya and after fairly quick border formalities continued to Jinja, a touristy backpacker… Read More

  From the Tanzanian border we headed directly to Nairobi or as its called these days, NaiRobbery, due to the high incidence of robberies. Hence, although we spent an enjoyable two days in the city we regularly used taxis to get around rather than walk. From the capital we drove out to Lake Naivasha and camped on the shore behind the Hippo proof electric fence, occupying ourselves at night spotting Hippos with… Read More