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Last year Part 1 – Ngorongoro & Serengeti Part 2 – Lake Tanganyika Last year I flew into Kilimanjaro Airport and we drove through the Serengeti across to Kigoma, eventually following Lake Tanganyika all the way to Zambia. This year’s visit to Tanzania I’ve entered from the south and am traveling across to Dar es Salaam, then catching the ferry to Zanzibar for a few days. After Zanzibar we’re heading north to… Read More

The crossing from Harare to the border was uneventful and we were stamped out of Zimbabwe by 11am. Three hours later we cleared Mozambique Immigration and continued our journey north on good tarred road with warm sunny Dry Season weather. The differences in both countries both geographically and economically was obvious as soon as we crossed the border. The living standards are significantly lower in this part of Mozambique compared to rural… Read More