Monthly Archives: July 2018

  We boarded the Vic Falls to Bulawayo train after a nice buffet lunch at the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel in company with a few Baboons and three grazing Warthogs. The old train rattled off down the track and as I sat in my sleeper compartment and began to think of where we were headed and what I’d see over the next week or so, I realised I didn’t really have any… Read More

  After a night at the border we headed east on the Trans Kalahari Highway and into the largest unbroken stretch of sand in the world. The Kalahari Desert isn’t a true desert like the Namib but rather a thinly populated arid savanna which today provides Botswana with a significant income from diamonds. The Kalahari is one of the great wilderness areas of Southern Africa and much of it remains intact holding… Read More

There hasn’t been a country anywhere in Africa that has been more recommended to me than Namibia.  When I was back home over Christmas, I lost count of the number of people that said I should go to Namibia.   The trip through the SA/Namibia border was hassle free and we were on the road […]