Egypt – Sinai Peninsular

Screenshot_2017-10-16-09-37-46-33~2After three months in the Sahal, Sudan and Sahara I decided to finish this stint in Africa with an underwater week at Sharm El Sheikh on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsular.  



Screenshot_2017-10-16-10-43-36-21~2I flew from Hargesia to Cairo and then onto Sharm via a one hour Nile Air flight.  I booked into the Movenpick Resort,  which I mainly chose as it has four private beaches, two of which have nice reef. 




An early morning start at the jetty



DCIM101GOPROGOPR4578.JPGThe area has an enormous list of spectacular dive sites ranging from some of the world’s best wrecks to drift dives and an endless list of reefs.  I spent most of my dive time at Tiran Island and Ras Mohammad NP.




365 sunny days a year and crystal clear waters of the Red Sea





Where the desert meets the reef

My routine was basically, rise early,  eat too much at the breakfast buffet, jump on the dive boat,  do three dives,  go back to resort and eat too much at the dinner buffet …….. repeat X 4.




Screenshot_2017-10-20-14-30-57-13~2I could have flown home via Mauritius or Reunion and spent a week diving there but I wanted to visit Ras Mohammed National Park.

When I was a youngster I spent countless hours watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries and Ras Mohammed was one of the Calypso’s regular haunts.  I’ve always wanted to dive there.




Anchored off Shark & Yolanda Reef




I’ll be flying home later today and have some planning to do for my next stint in Africa. Throughout the year my blog was viewed well over two thousand times and I hope you enjoyed following my travels.  Merry Xmas and all the best wherever your journeys may take you to all those people I met in Africa this year still following and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and relatives back home in coming weeks.

Bye for now.



3 Comments on “Egypt – Sinai Peninsular

  1. Enjoy the rest back home! Good to have seen all your pictures, and hope you find some interesting trips for 2018.


  2. Enjoyed your Blog mate, see you in Port Morsbey next week for our big Coral Sea adventure


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