Monthly Archives: October 2017

After three months in the Sahal, Sudan and Sahara I decided to finish this stint in Africa with an underwater week at Sharm El Sheikh on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsular.   I flew from Hargesia to Cairo and then onto Sharm via a one hour Nile Air flight.  I booked into the Movenpick Resort,  which I mainly chose as it has four private beaches, two of which have nice reef. … Read More

I left my inner city hotel on the Chinese constructed road, past the Italian Army Base and the French Foreign Legion base, adjacent to the new $4 billion Chinese built railway, which is opposite the American Base, which is next-door to the new Chinese military base, just down the road from the new Chinese container terminal. After all that, I eventually left Djibouti City on a new Chinese constructed highway to Ethiopia…. Read More

My purpose of visiting Chad was to attend the Gerewol Festival held by the nomadic Wadaabe people each year at the end of the wet season. Each year they migrate with their livestock in response to the seasons and rainfall, as they’ve done for thousands of years. Their homeland was divided by national boundaries over a century ago and I could have stayed in Niger last week and seen the festival there… Read More