Monthly Archives: August 2017

Burkina Faso – Country no 10, double figures!!  In only four and a bit months. Which I guess means I’m 20% along the way to fifty African countries. I’ve planned my African trip around visiting in the wet season and non-tourist season and once again it’s paying dividends. The Burkina Faso countryside is lush and green. The guy in the truck above was carrying fuel from Nigeria to Burkina Faso with a… Read More

Countries number eight and nine – Nigeria and Benin. Transiting north from Cameroon to Morocco. After leaving Limbe/Buea we headed north through Kumba and Mamfe on surprisingly good quality Chinese constructed tar roads, which are a rarity in Cameroon outside the major cities. In several countries so far I’ve encountered beautiful new roads where I was expecting days of four wheel driving.  The trip from Limbe to the Nigerian border used to… Read More

  My first day in Yaounde was a Sunday and a day of rest. We sat around on the grass at our accommodation and talked to a couple of locals, played Bocce and occasionally wandered down to the local well stocked patisserie for croissants and gateau. We finished the night at The Bunker, a local restraraunt/bar where I had a nice fish dinner cooked in banana leaves on a sidewalk stove. On… Read More