Monthly Archives: July 2017

  Cameroon – country number 7 of 50. At 9am on the 19th of July, after four weeks in the two Congos we drove onto a ferry, waved goodbye to the local Sangha Sangha fisherman and crossed the river into Cameroon. Not long afterwards we pulled up at a wooden hut in the rainforest and out popped a customs official with a stamp who checked our passports and visas and gave us… Read More

Beginning my fourth month in Africa with country number six.  The Republic of Congo. I’m no expert in Gorilla language but I’m pretty sure he was saying,                   ” Welcome to the Congo, Rich.” I’ve just driven across the border of the Congo into the Congo. Yes there’s two Congos next door to each other. I’ve just left the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)… Read More

I couldn’t spend a week in Kinshasa without spending time on one of the world’s great waterways. The second largest river in the world by volume discharge of water and the world’s deepest river. We cruised east from Kinshasa past countless rusting, dilapidated barges and ferries, some still afloat but most stuck in filthy rubbish strewn mud.  It wasn’t all that long ago the river was a thriving commercial highway from the… Read More