Monthly Archives: June 2017

  Despite finishing my Angola blog saying I’d be in the DRC the following day, the road quickly deteriorated and we averaged about 6khr for all the following day, eventually arriving the Congo border town of Matadi on the 21 June and entering country number 5 of 50, the DRC. With surrounding borders closed, the crossing was ‘Congolese chaotic’ with an endless line of trucks and goods crossing northward. After negotiating our… Read More

Date: 19 June 2017 Location: N’zeto on the northern Angolan coast about 80km south of the DRC border. I departed Kafue National Park, Zambia on the 7 June and in the last twelve days we’ve driven across Western Zambia and Eastern Angola. Despite trying to enter the DRCongo south of Kikwit, our attempts have been thwarted by the 1.3 million refuges fleeing the humanitarian crisis in the Congo. Angola have closed all… Read More

After resupplying in Lusaka I headed north west towards Kafue National Park,  pronounced ka-foo-ee.  At 22,500 sq km it’s one of Africa’s largest parks and bigger than a couple of African countries.  We found Roy’s Kafue Riverside Campsite and quickly booked a night safari through the nearby savannah and Moimbo woodland which dominates most of Zambia. The guys from Ila Safari Lodge arrived about 4pm and we headed off under a rising… Read More

Zambia – Country number 3 of 50. My route from Kigoma to Lusaka over the last fortnight A fairly quiet first week in Zambia. After a day and a half drive, the Zambian border was down a remote dirt road with a small accompanying collection of thatched roofed huts. There was a steel gate, a small brick hut and a border official. I got the impression he doesn’t see many passing tourists…. Read More