Tanzania week 1 – Ngorogoro & Serengeti

I arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport near Arusha Tanzania on the 14 May and after a brief stop to take a photo of the cloud covered Mount Kilimanjaro  I headed into town to get myself organised for two weeks in Tanzania.  The plan is to get the tourist hotspots of Ngorogoro Crater and The Serengeti out of the way early and then head west through Mwanza to Kigoma.  From Kigoma I’ll catch a boat north on Lake Tanganyika to Gombe Stream National Park where Jane Goodall carried out her Chimpanzee studies.

From Kigoma I’ll travel through small fishing villages to Katavi National Park and then towards the Zambian border, hopefully crossing at Mbala and heading to Lusaka, where I should have more of an idea how and where I’ll cross into the DRC (Congo)  and start to head north.  At this stage it looks like I’ll have to cross Zambia and travel through Eastern Angola and come into the DR Congo underneath either Katanga or Kikwit.  Eastern Angola looks like fun.  Its supposedly the most heavily land mined place on Earth.   So I’ll just wing-it and see what happens.


Ngorogoro Crater


Our crater transport

aaaa elephant

Ngorongoro Elephant 

AAA elephant

Ngorongoro Elephant 




Masai village


Wildebeest and Flamingo 



Bridled Gnu (Blue Wildebeest)

I drove down into the crater late morning and spent the rest of day on the crater floor.  The area had received a week of solid rain prior to my visit and was lush and green.  The cloud hung along the crater rim all day and I camped the night on the crater rim with Spotted Hyenas again wandering near the camp.



After a fairly cold night we packed up and drove 120km to Serengeti National Park along a terrible road through rolling plains, open grasslands and past several Masai villages.  Four hours later we drove into the Serengeti to begin part two of my Northern Tanzania park tour.



The park entry gate



Spotted Hyena

I’d timed my visit with the annual Wildebeest migration when two million animals migrate across the plains in search of greener pastures.








Afternoon rain on the Serengeti





The view from Mwanza Yacht Club

I’ve just had two tranquil days on the shores of Lake Victoria at the Mwanza Yacht Club.  Nice food, cold beers and 4G Wifi.  Today I start the two day drive to Kigoma about 700km west on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.  The local truck drivers have told us of a new road via Tabora but its not on the map.   Fingers crossed it exists??




One Comment on “Tanzania week 1 – Ngorogoro & Serengeti

  1. wonderful seeing and reading of your travels. Keep well and stay safe.


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