Uganda week 2

My trip south across Uganda with Terrain Safaris followed the eastern coast of Lake Albert, through the coastal town of Buliisa and it’s nearby fishing village, also called Buliisa! It was fairly hot,  about 30deg and the roads were fairly ordinary, which is typical of Uganda so far.    Over the next week I’m heading towards Queen Elizabeth National Park and the town of Fort Portal, which I keep calling Port Fortal with my driver correcting me about 20 times a day.


rest stop Buliisa

Stopping for a drink in Buliisa




Fishing Boats X

Fishing boats on Lake Albert


Fish Village Lake Albert

Lake Albert and mountains of the DRC Congo in the background



Coastal village Lake Albert

After two days I arrived in Fort Portal, unfortunately with a flat tyre which we replaced about 10km out of town.  With the punctured tyre on the back we pulled into a service station in the centre of town and FIVE guys RAN out of the mechanics workshop wanting to do the job.  After we negotiated with them for a while and told them what we wanted, one guy set to work repairing the spare tyre and swapping both tyres over.  Thirty minutes work and it cost us $1.80c.

Tea with Luisa Simpson




The next day I dropped into have a cup of tea with a friend’s mum in the suburbs of Fort Portal.  We chattered about life in Uganda, the local king and my trip.  It was a nice morning and I was soon back on the road heading south towards the equator.




My first stop was at one of Uganda’s smallest national parks, Kibale.  Kibale National Park is home to Africa’s highest concentration of Chimpanzees and after a short walk we came across a group feeding high in the canopy.  After a few hours birding two Chimps walked past us and quickly disappeared into the undergrowth.


On the way to Fort Portal



Crossing the equator


QENP office

Queen Elizabeth National Park


QE NP Tent

The Bush Lodge Queen Elizabeth NP


Forest Hog QENP

Wild Forest Hog near my tent

I arrived at QENP late in the afternoon and checked into my safari tent at The Bush Lodge on the shores of Kazinga Channel with accompanying Giant Forest Hog and wandering Hippos and Hyenas during the night.  The local guard sat outside our tents with his AK47 all night.




The next morning we headed into the park for a game drive and saw a couple of sleeping Lions, Warthog and buffalo but in general it was pretty quiet.  The next day I did a cruise along the Kazinga Channel which was the high light of the national park, with lots of Hippos, Crocs and waterbirds.


Lake Edward Fishing Village 2

Small village inside the park




Locals heading out on a late afternoon fishing trip


Looking across to the mountains of Virunga NP

Looking across Lake Edward towards Virunga National Park in the Congo

My final day in Queen Elizabeth National Park was another game drive through the southern section of the park.  The high light was seeing my second Leopard of the trip, although it wasn’t doing much except enjoying an afternoon in the shade.

Towards the southern exit we came across a couple of Lions sleeping in a fig tree and after a brief photo stop continued our journey towards the highlands.  It was a nice few days in the park but it was nowhere near as good as Murchison Falls NP.

Lions in tree

Highlands 55

The next day we began to climb and savannah soon turned into mountains and tea and coffee plantations in what is surely the most beautiful part of Uganda………











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